Day 11 | Cleanse Your Body

Day 10 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and I’m down 10 lbs.   Not too bad.  My body feels tighter and more lean and I can see my abs again without really having to flex or play with the lighting.  I did have some serious cravings for junk food today.  Not really sure why.  Maybe because it was a Sunday?  I have no idea.

Check out my video and pics below and be sure leave your comments and questions.

(I say day 10 in the video but I got confused on what day it was around day nine and recorded two day nine video but on different days.)


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    Joey I like your haircut. I know – after all that you said its lame to comment on your hair first. ;o) Good information and I like that you are having leftovers. I will probably do that too when we do it here in the Morrow house. Like your videos. :)

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